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A “cosmetic” is any material used to cleanse, enhance or modify the complexion, skin , hair, nails or teeth. Beauty preparations (make-up, fragrance, skin care , nail polish) and grooming aids (soap, shampoo, shaving cream, deodorant) include cosmetics.

This seems straight forward until you look at the full range of products that might fit this definition.

  1. soaps and other body cleansing products;
  2. creams, lotions, face masks, powders and colours for the skin, eyes and lips;
  3. shampoos, lotions, oils, waving agents, fixatives, bleaches, dyes and dye removers for the hair.


Fragrances are popular today because not only do they help you fight body odor, but also boost your morale. But, do you know a perfume has several other benefits too? It can help you beat stress and cure insomnia too! Would you like to know more? Read on to find top ten benefits of perfumes.Well, this one is quite obvious. Perfume has been historically used primarily for fragrance. It helps keep unwanted body odor at bay and ensures that you smell good throughout the day.

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