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    3PCs Fabric: Jacquard

    Front: Dyed Yarn Jacquard shirt;

    Embellished with fancy golden lace and buttons

    Dupatta FabricDyed Yarn Jacquard Shawl

    Trouser Fabric: Dyed Cotton Silk

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Buraqstore is a multibrand fashion store with the aim of providing clothes and shoes of a multiple authentic brands and make sure the customer satisfaction and providing customers to a original brands products.Buraqstore also sell women suits in unstitched and ready to wear category such as Sphiro brand and large number of women brands is available in Buraqstore.


Sphiro is a Pakistani brand and offer ladies kurtis in a 1 piece,2 piece and 3 piece and come in luxury pret collection.These luxury pret is empowering the Asian traditional style of clothing in the form of pret.This brand always produce finest fabric along with stylish embroidery on the digital and abstract prints, the dresses that sphiro create have creative and electric touch in them and are eye catchy in term of their colors and prints, she create things that are around her, what remain same is the quality of fabric and overall the comfort of the outfit.Vast variet of sphiro is available at Buraqstore.

Pret Collection | Designer Luxury Pret | Designer Readymade Kurtis and Designer Ready to Wear Clothes:

Women are so much enthusiastic when it comes to clothing and fashion, for each and every occasion they want something different yet classy, from designer readymade lawn, chiffon, latest designer suit collection, and Pret, Luxury Pret, readymade Kurtis. Buraqstore provides complete fashion solution to all women’s out there, from designer unstitched wear to readymade we have the complete range of designer lawn suits, chiffon, cotton, linen, khaddar suits available at our online store from renowned brands like Luxeurs  |  Parishay   |   Anamta by Mahwish   |   Munfarid   |   Fashion Porters   |   Sanaya   |   Huma  |  Reeha   |   Maleena   |   Sphiro   |   Souk   |   Nuriyaa   |   Fascino   |   Kuli Jume   and much more. We always be on top in terms of providing authentic and genuine products to our customers, Women’s clothing choices are also motivated by their status or position within a social group, as some pieces call attention to a specific affiliation.Luxury Pret and printed pret these are two types of ready to wear kurtis available in Buraqstore in which 1 piece,2 piece and 3 piece is available.

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