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  • 599.00

    TEA TREE FACE WASH GEL BENEFITS: Nourishcure Tea Tree Deep Cleansing & Purifying Face Wash Gel is the ideal daily cleanser for skin troubled by acne, breakouts, and redness. Its gentle but powerful formula combines the anti-bacteria fighter tea tree oil formulated with Neem Extract and Aloe vera Gel, which…

  • 799.00

    TEA TREE PEEL OFF MASK BENEFITS: Tea Tree Deep Cleansing & Mattifying Peel-OFF Mask contains antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory benefits that make it an ideal Skin treatment. It works by gently removing the outermost layer of your skin to relieve dullness and dead skin. The produces a smoother skin texture and…

  • 2,497.00

    This Kit Includes: Tea Tree Face Wash Gel                              100 ml / 3.38 Fl.oz e. Tea Tree Peel-OFF Mask                             100 ml / 3.38 Fl.oz e. Tea…

  • 999.00

    Benefits: Gently purges dirt and excess oils from skin for a cleaner, refined surface Get gorgeous as you reveal fresher skin Moisturizes and nourishes the skin Instantly brightens your skin and make it soft. Help to keep your skin smoother and tender. Regular application helps to make skin toned, hydrated and healthy. Suitable for all kinds of skin. Direction:…

  • 549.00

    Natural Oil Controlling and Deep Cleaning WHO IT’S FOR For Control Excessive oil from skin and Remove Dirt from Skin DETAILS Auragano Charcoal Facewash Deeply cleanse the skin and draw out impurities. It absorbs extra oil from pores without drying or irritating the skin. 4 BENEFITS OF APPLING:   DEEPLY CLEANSE…

  • 999.00

    WHO IT’S FOR For those with Oily, Dry Skin and Blackheads DETAILS This light-weight Charcoal Peel off mask will remove blackheads and also moisturizes the skin. It Absorb Extra Oils to keep skin mattifiedand Deep Cleanses the skin & Tighten Pores 5 BENEFITS OF APPLING:   Moisturizing2. Deep Cleansing3. Remove Blackheads4.…

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    200 ML

  • 1,399.00


    • The quick and easy way to remove unwanted facial hair.
    • Ready to use, just rub, peel, and go for results.
    • Suitable for sensitive skin and delicate facial areas.
    • Perfect for upper lip, cheek, chin, and middle brow.
  • 5,000.00

    Each Jar 100 ML

  • 799.00

    For Acne and Pimples Benefits: Tea Tree oil helps prevent acne by deep cleaning impurities and fighting bacteria It controls excess oil secretion Aloe Vera in the face wash helps reduce redness and inflammation. It takes gentle care of your skin while making it look healthy and glowing. How to…

  • 1,499.00

    Tea Tree with Lemon extract Moisturizer, Cleanser & Exfoliator 100ml WHO IT’S FOR For Control Excessive oil with Acne and Acne Scars DETAILS Auragano Tea tree Scrub hold back the excess oil, and gives you a genuine clean feeling . Our Scrub gently buffs the skin’s surface to remove impurities…

Buraqstore is a multi brand fashion store with the aim of providing fashion products to a multiple authentic brands and make sure the customer satisfaction..Buraqstore also has a wide variety of Men’s and Women’s and also has a Perfumes and Cosmetics.Buraqstore also provide 100% original Face Care products of different brands but in the most top brands of cosmetics in Buraqstore is Auragano.

Face Care:

No matter what your skin type is, a daily skin care routine can help you maintain overall skin health and improve specific concerns like acne, scarring, and dark spots. A daily skin care products which you used in the morning and once before you sleep can help to improve your skin.We mean the basic care and keeping of your largest organ—your skin! It plays an important role in protecting you from outside pathogens and, you know, holds all your internal organs in place. And in the same way that you regularly brush your teeth, your skin requires at least some attention to keep it functioning properly.It also requires protection—from skin cancer, primarily. At SELF, when we talk about skin care we’re talking about science-backed ways to improve both the look and function of your skin to address and manage both cosmetic and medical concerns.

So Buraqstore provide  a complete soultion  including Face care and all the original brands products available in Buraqstore.

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